Professional Development

Professional Development Program for Dance Practitioners

Program dates, times, locations and price:

This 12 week program will run between August 20th and November 12th, 2022.

We will be working in the studio in Northampton, MA and at the farm in North Brookfield, MA.

Studio times and location:

Our studio time will be at Carole's Dance Studio, Northampton Center for the Arts, 33 Hawley St. Northampton, MA 01060.

We will meet as a full group every other Saturday beginning August 20th and ending on November 12th.

Our studio times will be: Saturdays from 4-6 pm on these dates:

August 20th, 4-6 pm

September 3rd, 4-6 pm

September 17th, 4-6 pm

October 1st, 4-6 pm

October 15th, 4-6 pm

October 29th, 4-6 pm

November 12th, 4-6 pm

Farm times and location:

Our live work with the horses will take place at Ohana Farm, North Brookfield, Massachusetts (Please type this exact thing into your GPS as it gives the accurate directions to the farm. The street address directs people to the wrong side of the farm where there is no entrance)

You will be invited to schedule 1 -2 times a month to meet with me in smaller groups of 2-3 people at Ohana Farm in North Brookfield to do the live work with the horses. These smaller meetings will have more flexibilty to work with peoples schedules and negotiate with weather and farm issues that may come up. I have availability for these meetings on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays.


Sliding Scale $900-$1500, payment plans are available.

Program Description

As dance practitioners, dance teachers, and performers we hold an immense amount of power. We are gatekeepers to the realm of the body, which is also the realm of the unconscious. We have the ability to create and re-archetecture worlds and societies, tell stories, shape perception, and heal. Dance means different things to different people, but for many of us, our lineages of dance have both been shaped by, and helped to perpetuate trauma and colonization. Dance is a language that can bridge us to one another across race, cultural, and identity differences. It connects humans to other humans, and humans to the natural world.

This professional development program is for dancers, dance educators, and dance performers who are interested in decolonized ways to tend responsibly to the power of our roles as dance practitioners and to the trauma we carry. It is also open to bodyworkers and somatic practitioners. This program will be facilitated by Jamila Jackson whose research is rooted in the connections between horses and African-rooted community movement practices. Her work examines the potential of equine culture to teach us more deeply about connection, belonging, trauma-informed practice, and non-predatory leadership. Through working directly with horses, embodiments of spiritual and physical power, we will be engaging in relational inquiry around what it means to work responsibly with our own power, trauma, and creativity.

We will work both in the dance studio and at the farm, building safety and community with one another and learning from and dancing directly with horses. We will:

  • focus on connection.

  • learn from the horses and the land about honoring feeling.

  • engage in dance composition as both a practice of play and a framework for listening to the stories of the unconscious that are wanting to express.

  • acknowledge the stories of our ancestors that live and move within us

  • bring awareness to the rhythms of nature that cycle us through dimensions of our own feelings, perception, and perspectives.

  • slow down, practice the pause, and experience peace through togetherness.

This program will take place over 12weeks, about 3 lunar cycles. This will give us the time to move slowly, cyclically, and spaciously. We will cultivate real bonds with each other, the land and the horses. These relationships are what will create the safety for us be able to integrate, be seen, and see ourselves more clearly. The intention is that this will awaken expanded levels of congruence, impeccability, and alignment in our work as embodied practitioners, creatives, and leaders.

The program will run August 20th - November 19th, 2022.

We will meet twice a month in the dance studio in Northampton as a full group.

Participants will then meet in small groups with Jamila and the horses (at Ohana Farm in North Brookfield) for equine-assisted movement workshops, 1-2 times a month, on a flexible schedule. Dance practitioners of all backgrounds welcome. We will not be riding horses in this program. We will work on the ground. No horse experience is necessary. Safety will be our first priority. Dance practitioners/somatic practitioners of all backgrounds welcome.

Cost sliding scale $900 - $1500

Payment plans available.

Space limited.