Story Hour

Storytelling and Meditation Hour: Horse Healing with Jamila Jackson

This event is designed to make healing with horses accessible and possible for anyone with a phone, tablet or computer. If you can't make it live, you can still register for the event and you will be sent an audio and video recording that you can watch or listen to later.

Hosted on Zoom.

1 hour


This is a time to drop into the consciousness of the horse and receive some of the LOVE and gifts that they have to offer us in our healing and awakening journey.

Jamila will lead an opening meditation, share some of her stories with horses as a channel into their incredible power and wisdom, and then lead a closing meditation.

Participants will be given the opportunity to share reflections in the chat if they desire but it is not required. It is okay to come and have your video turned on or turned off.

This is a time to be together in the quietness of our own hearts. There will not be any break out rooms or pressure to engage. This is a time to rest, find connection with Jamila, horses and the presence of the community, and of course... to deepen your relationship to horses!

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