All of elp programing takes place online. YOU DO NOT NEED TO OWN OR HAVE A HORSE TO PARTICIPATE. 


steps for getting started


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Through @embodied.leadership.project I share content that teaches about horses, teaches about gentle ways to approach sexual trauma through the way of the horse, videos of horses, and upcoming offerings. 


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1-Minute Videos

Once a week, I send an email with a short story or contemplation about the healing power of horses as well as a 1-minute video to connect with the image, energy and presence of Angus and his herd.

Guided Journeys Through Email

Seasonally I will offer free guided journeys that I facilitate through email. This process includes written, audio and video content and invites participants into meditation and daydreaming to develop their healing relationships with horses.


This is a magazine to offer your body & imagination a feeling of the holy energy of horses and to support you to develop your bond with horses as guides on your path of healing and awakening.

One free way to take part in this work is through the Podcast: Horse Magic 

This is a podcast about turning toward and tending to sexual trauma in a way that doesn't make us feel sick with dread. Join me as I weave together the power of horses, nature, and the Internal Family Systems model to illustrate a path of healing that is beautiful and gentle.

So much of this work is about getting to know horses for the expansive and healing beings that they are. 

When we are attempting to turn toward our sexual trauma, the horses can ease our process. I believe that our first step is not to delve into painful memories. Our first step can be spending time getting to know and bond with horses. 

This free Ebook is about journeying into the magic that horses embody and was written as a fun and engaging way to explore horse energy. 


You may want to take your studies deeper

This self-paced class empowers you with a self-coaching method that allows you to tend to sexual trauma - in a way that doesn’t feel icky or make you sick with dread. It teaches you the IFS framework and supports you to learn directly from horses through a trauma-informed meditation practice. It will guide you to experience yoga, which means union, with the luminous consciousness of the horse. You will then be able to call on this resource when you feel isolated, overwhelmed, stressed, or trapped in heavy feelings. Each module is designed to be accessible, trauma-informed and digestible.

All of this leads toward a loving and life-long relationship with horses as spiritual guides and teachers and a powerful IFS-based method for relating to your own inner world.

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Designed for women with sexual trauma, this is an affordable, sliding scale membership community starting at $3 a month where you can RECEIVE the healing energy of horses from a distance through video as I invite you to witness videos of horses, participate in self-paced mini-courses, and learn more about equine-assisted learning. Immerse yourself in the frequency of the herd as we unwind tension layer by layer through togetherness, gentleness and compassion. 

Check it out.

All women - Trans, Cis, and Gender Expansive Women - Are Welcome

The Curriculum

The Embodied Leadership Project’s Equine-Assisted Learning curriculum provides women with sexual trauma the opportunity to experience the demonstrated therapeutic effect of relating to horses. 

ELP’s programming is created in collaboration with the horses I actively work with in person and is designed to be offered from a distance (not in the physical presence of the horses). It integrates the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model as well as trauma-informed yoga to support the process of meditative states, embodiment and psychological integration. Using stories about the horses, videos of the horses, imagery and guided meditations, I invite you to connect and journey with these horses through their inner world: somatic experience, emotions, intellect, and imagination. 

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