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healing with horses is powerful. 

The Embodied Leadership Project Makes it Affordable & accessible online.

This is a page of free resources for women with any degree of sexual trauma in our bodies or bloodlines 

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This is a magazine to offer your body & imagination

a feeling of the holy energy of horses

and to support you to develop your bond with horses 

as guides on your path of healing and awakening.

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One free way to take part in this work is through the Podcast: Horse Magic 

This is a podcast about turning toward and tending to sexual trauma in a way that doesn't make us feel sick with dread. Join Jamila as she weaves together the power of horses, nature, and the Internal Family Systems model to illustrate a path of healing that is beautiful and gentle.

Read the melanated Horsewomen

So much of this work is about getting to know horses for the expansive and healing beings that they are. 

When we are attempting to turn toward our sexual trauma, the horses can ease our process. I believe that our first step is not to delve into painful memories. Our first step can be spending time getting to know and bond with horses. 

This free Ebook is about journeying into the magic that horses embody and was written as a fun and engaging way to explore horse energy. 

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