FREE offerings and events

healing with horses is powerful. 

I am currently offering this work to women with any degree of sexual trauma in our bodies or bloodlines. 

There are several free ways you can experience this work below.

Free Upcoming Event! 

Listen to the podcast 

One free way to take part in this work is through the Podcast: Horse Magic 

This is a podcast about turning toward and tending to sexual trauma in a way that doesn't make us feel sick with dread. Join Jamila as she weaves together the power of horses, nature, and the Internal Family Systems model to illustrate a path of healing that is beautiful and gentle.

Download the magazine 

Download here:

This is a magazine to offer your body & imagination

a feeling of the holy energy of horses

and to support you to develop your bond with horses 

as guides on your path of healing and awakening.

Join the 40-Day Healing with horses Challenge

This 40-Day challenge is designed to be EASY, LOVING, and GENTLE. Join my email list to be alerted when the next 40-Day Challenge Begins.

It is for women (all women, trans, cis and gender nonconforming women) who know or sense that we are holding ANY DEGREE of sexual trauma in our bloodline and/or in our own bodies that we can feel is burdening us/our lineage in some way. 

Its purpose is to give us a few minutes every day to bond with the compassionate spirit of the horses and access healing energy.

You don't need to have a horse or be near a horse to participate. 

We offer FREE events and workshops that are designed to make healing with horses accessible and possible for anyone with a phone, tablet or computer. 

Hosted online, you do not need to have a horse to participate. 

This is a time to drop into the consciousness of the horse and receive some of the LOVE and gifts that they have to offer us in our healing and awakening journey. Most people assume that working with horses means riding them, but there is so much more that horses have to offer: Horses are incredibly therapeutic and spiritual beings who are known for their healing presence. They support us to feel and release emotions and sensations connected to trauma and grief and they open pathways for us to align more deeply to our purpose and aliveness. We don't have to be riding them to engage with horses as healing allies and experience the profound benefits of their gifts.

Jamila will offer meditations, stories, and exercises that integrate Equine-Assisted Learning with Internal Family Systems model. (Please visit our About page to learn more about these two modalities)

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