Online 1:1 Coaching


Jamila here!

I work with my horse Angus to offer 1:1 coaching specifically for folks with sexual trauma who are looking for the next step in their empowerment journey and want to work with horses and the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model. This work happens online via zoom and is designed to empower you to relate to your inner world with more strength, grace, and wisdom.

Equine-Assisted Learning is a field of equine practice that is aimed less at what we can teach the horse and more on what we can learn from the horse as a leader and wisdom keeper in their own right. Horses are an embodiment of physical and spiritual power. Horses are anchored in the unified field, their consciousness is available to us across space and time. We connect with them through breath and meditation. You don’t need a horse to do this work and you can take part from wherever you are located in the world.

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a model and a method of working with the psyche and soma that views each person’s body and mind being a system of many parts. This principle of multiplicity allows us to develop our Self - our central core & inner compassionate witness, and from this place, develop relationships with the tender parts of us that hold trauma and pain, as well as the parts of us that shield us from this pain and manage our lives to keep the entire system safe.

Internal Family Systems honors and respects each aspect of who we are and invites the wholeness of ourselves to be seen, heard and understood. IFS and Equine-Assisted Learning partner together incredibly well because the model of a system of many parts organized around a witnessing presence mirrors the way horses exist in herds and rest in witnessing awareness. Horses are incredibly therapeutic and help us to not only develop our Self-energy, but model a way of welcoming all aspects of ourselves into the herd where they can be truly heard.

The 1:1 coaching I offer consists of twelve weekly 1-hour sessions (with some flexibility for postponement of individual sessions if needed). The intention of this work is to provide you with familiarity with the IFS framework, build a relationship to your own inner system, offer you a safe, compassionate, and affirming relational experience (with me and my horse), and develop a life-long bond with horses.

You do not need a horse to participate. We will work with my horse through meditation practices. I coach IFS and Equine-Assisted Learning through guiding meditation practices, gentle movement, and offering you deep listening and compassionate response. I am a yoga practitioner and teacher and my work is informed by that. We can communicate with horses through our hearts across any distance. To prepare the body and mind to connect with yourself, your parts, and the horses, I will guide you through a series of trauma-informed gentle movement practices, mantra, and pranayama. It can be very helpful if you already have a meditation or contemplative practice or embodied practice, although it is not required. It is however important that you be interested in contemplative practice and embodiment as this is a large aspect of what we will be doing together.


The cost of this 1:1 coaching container is $3000 for 12 sessions spaced over about 12 weeks with space for some postponed sessions. The payment can either be payed in full or in 3 payments of $1000.

If this is something you feel interested in, I would love to connect with you further. Please click the button below to fill out a client interest form.