Young Women's Program

The Young Women’s Program (YWP) conducts research on the community dance circle as a ceremonial practice.

YWP's "Circle Research" connects our equine-assisted yoga curriculum and our research in dance as a ceremonial and healing practice. Self Identifying Cis, Trans and non-binary BIPOC women and their white women allies are welcome in this program.

Program Details

This program is facilitated by ELP Director Jamila Jackson.

Participants have the opportunity to build deeply impactful relationships, experience sustainable community, learn valuable leadership skills, and contribute to the development of our innovative research. Jamila facilitates a field of equine-collaborative somatics and dance studies that brings together the wisdom of African-rooted movement and rhythm, yoga and the wisdom of horses. We work with soulful rhythms of the drum and the image, the energy and presence of the horse as a gateway into the studies of subtle energy, healing, power and freedom.

This program is integrated with The Black Women’s Leadership Initiative (BWLI). In addition to receiving support, connection and training, YWP participants collaborate with Jamila in conducting research for BWLI and teaching community workshops.

Space is limited and participants join the program through invitation.

YWP founding member Fynta Sidime Photo by Yasmina Mattison-Sudan
YWP member Stephnie Igharosa Photo by Young Women's Program member

Get Involved

For more information about the program please email Jamila at:

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Sample of YWP Work & Research

Our Shared Language, an Embodied Leadership Project Film

Funded through South Hadley and Northampton Cultural Council for the Black Women's Leadership Initiative at Five College Dance and created in collaboration with cinematographer Amber Wilmore-Hurley.

Our Shared Language explores the cultural and historical connections between Black Women and Horses.

The clip below shares some responses to the above film from a workshop we hosted for Black women.